NJ Sportsbook Reviews

NJ sports betting is incredibly popular and only growing since New Jersey legislated it a few years ago. Brick-and-mortar spots, NJ online casinos, and apps gave players new and rich gameplay experience.  Isn’t it awesome that you can now bet online, on the go, or in your local sportsbook? However, with this variety, comes the decision of which sports betting site and NJ sportsbook reviews to trust.

And that’s where we come in to help. We love sports betting just as much as you do. Given our experience in the gambling industry and passion for the action, we reviewed sports betting websites so you can make your decision a bit easier. You don’t have to waste your own time and money, testing out the various sports betting operators available in New Jersey. We did it for you. Dive into our reviews and check out our methodology at the bottom of the page to see if you agree with our criteria.

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How We Write NJ Sportsbook Reviews

1. Signing Up

It all begins with the sign-up. Creating an account on any of the available NJ online sports betting sites requires real information. We do it without them asking, since we review only those we find interesting—and our principles prevent us from taking any monetary compensation for the reviews we do. But we do become affiliated with the casino after reviews are published. That’s the attitude we have with all our platforms, and you can read about it in our affiliate disclosure.

2. Making a Deposit

To play you’ve got to pay. Before writing any of our NJ online sports betting reviews, we have to make deposits with real money. Otherwise, we won’t have useful information to share with you. It’s a part of the process that mostly works the same on each platform. In most cases, a minimum wager is just enough to try the sportsbook out. If we are down on our luck, dishing out more money suits us just fine, but the minimum will usually do.

3. Claiming Bonuses

The sweetest part of any gambling experience, and especially NJ online sports betting, are bonuses. And of course, we claim them whenever they’re available. The best things are that most sites offer a “mandatory” welcome bonus, as well as other in-game bonuses. We advise you to read their policies carefully. They differ from website to website. Additionally, sometimes we even get the chance to review special promos. Most sportsbooks feature constant promos, and you can find them plastered right on their homepage.

4. Testing the Interface

This may be a part of the NJ sports betting reviews where we are most thorough. And that’s exactly why we do testing in several rounds. First, we test the interface, both on PC and on Mac. Then we test it on handheld devices supported by Android and iOS operating systems. If there is a mobile app, we download it and test it. To complete the analysis, we compare how the app works on different devices. Finally, we can provide you with the finest option to play with.

5. Checking the Software Providers and Land-Based Affiliates

Each NJ online sports betting platform has its software providers and land-based affiliates. We check software providers to ascertain their level of credibility and proficiency. Then, we check their land-based partners. Most sportsbooks have brick-and-mortar spots, and we check those out, too. We look into this to verify their financial credibility. The sportsbooks often have amazing partnerships. Then, we check if they have all the necessary working licenses. Finally, we see if they are compliant with all responsible gambling requirements.

6. Checking the Odds and Placing Bets

Probably the most important part of our NJ sports betting evaluation process. We place one or two bets to confirm the odds. Each sportsbook operates on different odds. But odds don’t work in the same way on each platform. Trying them out by placing bets gives clear insight into the sportsbook. But before we place any odds, we go through the FAQs. We read them to ascertain the rules on which odds are based. They are our best friends and should be yours too.

7. Test the Withdrawals

This is a most joyous moment of NJ online sports betting evaluation. We love to test it. Generally, sportsbooks offer several withdrawal options including Visa, Mastercard, eCheck, and regular check. To see how it works, we pick an option and test it out. We withdraw our winnings and wait to see when will they arrive. Although each sportsbook publishes its withdrawal time, it really depends on various factors. Also, sportsbooks have different agreements with banks, and we have to check those too. After funds arrive, we take notes and share them with you.

8. Customer Service

The NJ sportsbook reviews end with a customer service test. With any sportsbook, there are several customer support options available. In most cases, these options are email, live call, and live chat. Here, we test each option. We want to know how responsive the customer support team is. This includes calling them and sending emails, waiting and taking notes. Then, we want to ascertain how knowledgeable the team is. We talk with them, chat with them, and send them our issues. Like other betting platforms, NJ sports betting produces a lot of questions. And the gaming experience gets better the more support you have. Most certainly, it gets less stressful if you know you can count on the customer service. After that, our evaluation is over.