BetStars NJ Sports Betting Review

BetStars NJ Sports Betting Review

In this world there aren’t many things that combine both the traditional and the contemporary, especially when it comes to online gambling platforms. But BetStars NJ sports betting manages to do so. The platform being active for more than a decade, it’s one of the pioneers on the US market and among NJ online casinos.  

Not only does it have awesome bonuses and gameplay, but it’s also really welcoming to beginner betters. And it has a great design, paired with an easy-to-use website. Besides that, it comes with various payment options and promotions, it’s totally legal, and it assures safety for all its customers.

All that is backed by the experience of a market veteran. Before going to make an account with BetStars NJ, read on to find out what makes it so amazing.

Game Variations
Bonuses and Promo Offers
Mobile Friendliness
Customer Support
Overall Impression

BetStars Online Sportsbook Pros and Cons

  • Market veteran
  • Great bonuses
  • Mobile support  
  • Constant promos
  • Amazing gameplay

  • Could have a better support system
  • Complicated FAQ section
  • Website is sometimes hard to navigate
  • Could have more betting options
  • Could have a more modern design

From Europe to New Jersey and Beyond

As a long-standing component of the market, the BetStars platform has impressive partnerships and affiliates. Even the transition from the European market didn’t hinder it. Its software team came up with a new app for the US market. The BetStars NJ Sportsbook will truly conquer the world of online betting.

When the platform transitioned from the European continent, it had issues finding a casino to partner with. But the platform managed to strike a partnership with the Resorts Atlantic City Casino. Now, it’s possible to play their platform in Atlantic City, and soon more partnerships will be announced. At the present time, they are working to move further into the NJ casino market. In the near future, there should be more casinos in New Jersey, Nevada, and others.

They’re available for mobile, with Ayala Inc. as the software provider, having prepared it for US players. BetStars NJ mobile betting is available via Google and the Apple Store, as well as the BetStars website.

Finally, the platform is a strong advocate of responsible gambling and has a special policy for its advocacy. And they have that policy implemented all over their website and app.

Game Variations and Betting Offers

BetStars Sportsbook truly came up with a special betting offer. The BetStars NJ online sports betting includes more sports to bet on than almost any other competitor on the market. Among them are the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, boxing/MMA, soccer, tennis, golf, snooker, and others. But they give just a few betting options. These are straight bets, parlays, round robin, odds boost, and enhanced parlay.

A straight bet, as its name suggests, is a bet wagered on a team winning. Due to each different sport’s rules, it’s best to read the BetStars guide. That way, players will know if the sport allows for point spreads and moneyline bets, etc. BetStars NJ sports betting gives players the option to win higher maximum payouts, making the game more fun.

BetStars NJ sports betting - game variety

There are also parlays. A parlay is a type of bet where a player links multiple wagers. In order to win, the player has to win each linked wager. However, if said player loses a single wager, the player loses the entire parlay. Parlays are an amazing and fun way to bet, especially with the possibility of multiplying the payout.

However, with Betstars, there’s the option to bet on multiple parlays. At the BetStars NJ Sportsbook, a player may place a parlay for two wagers, or even one consisting of over 10 wagers! Of course, with more wagers, there’s a better payout opportunity, but also a bigger chance at losing.

Round Robin is a type of parlay, but instead of betting on teams winning, here the player wagers on points (points spreads, moneylines, etc). As for odds boost and enhanced parlay, basically these represent special offers where there’s a chance to win more for less money.


With a BetStars NJ promo code, you could get a bonus right now. But that’s only for current promos. Luckily, promos are constant, along with special events and games. There’s also a sign-up bonus. Another great thing is that bonus points are awarded each time you play. So the more you play, the more money you’ll eventually get.

Their most popular bonus is the sign-up bonus. This bonus is truly unique in one aspect. While it gives you a single, 100% bonus up to $50, it offers you another way to multiply. The BetStars NJ sign up bonus allows you to get a free $50 for every $150 you wager, up to $450!

Then, there are other promos you may pursue. To find their current promos and bonuses, just check their homepage. One of the platform’s main perks is the number of promos available at any given time during the year.

BetStars NJ sports betting - bonuses


BetStars comes with an amazing mobile app, currently available for both Android and iOS systems. It’s a rather simple-to-use app, with almost all the features you can use with the online version. The BetStars NJ Sports betting app design looks amazing, and the app is technically sound.

A player may deposit and withdraw money, place bets, be on live streams, and check markets and odds. The app has no major lags for either version, as long as you have WiFi access. Since the design is so clear, using the app is simple. The page load time is fast, and page transitions are smooth.

Using the app is such a superb experience. After some adaptation to BetStars sports betting on a mobile device, players love it more than playing on the computer.

It’s Almost too Easy!

BetStars is one of the easiest platforms to use. As you land on the homepage, creating an account is a straightforward process. Then, funding your account and placing your first bet is just a minute away.

While the website is great to use, its design could be more “modern.” Aside from that, it’s fast, and there are no major glitches with both the online and mobile versions. Yet, at first, the website might be overwhelming. Still, after a few hours of some BetStars NJ sports betting, just a few bets, you’ll find your way around it.

Placing a bet is a simple process. Pick a sport or a market, create your team, and place your wager—but check their FAQ section to see the odds and rules for individual sports. With only a few betting options available, you’ll get a chance to make better bets. The limited choice, most of the time, opens you to more creative solutions.BetStars NJ sports betting - ease of use

Payment and Deposit Methods

BetStars provides a number of online methods for money transactions. Most NJ online sports betting payments and deposits may be processed through VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and bank transfer. While it operates with a limited number of methods, the platform’s money processing time is 3–5 days. It’s much shorter than with most other online sportsbooks.

Currently, there are no major issues with money transactions. Said transactions are simple to process, and they must done through their app, online or mobile. Just make sure to check their FAQ section for any additional payment questions. The minimum deposit is $10, and the minimum withdrawal is $20.

Customer Support and Security

Since the BetStars NJ launch, the platform put exceptional effort into its customer support and security. And since they’ve been on the European market for so long, it’s expected for the accumulated experience to spill over. With years of experience under its belt, BetStars is superior when it comes to customer protection.

They have an extensive privacy policy, which covers players’ personal information and data usage. Their sign-up process is extensive, so they can have greater success in preventing potential scams. All their data is SSL encrypted and protected to prevent possible data breaches. The data is covered so carefully that nobody will even know if you applied for a BetStars NJ welcome bonus.

As for customer support, they’re available via email and live call. They are open for work days, and sometimes even for weekends. The staff are polite and helpful and willing to resolve all your issues. The email remains the best support solution—in it, you can thoroughly explain your issues, the reply rate is fast, and they’ll contact you back with a detailed answer.

BetStars NJ sports betting - customer support

We’ve already brought up BetStars’s advocacy for responsible gambling. Call the phone numbers provided or set maximum deposits if you think you have a problem. They really do care for their customers.


BetStars NJ sports betting truly is a top competitor. It comes with great bonuses, lot of promos, fast gameplay, and a great mobile app, all with unique perks to help you multiply and build your bankroll. BetStars has brought all its practices as a European veteran to New Jersey.

Take your chance and earn amazing money while having fun. Use your sports knowledge and strategic skills, earn top payouts, and redeem your deposits with BetStars! It has a European quality, but it’s been appropriated for great American payouts. Take your chance, and multiply your bankroll over 10x times!


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