SugarHouse Sportsbook Review

SugarHouse Sportsbook Review

SugarHouse Sportsbook is one of a kind. It comes with incredible proprietary software, an easy to navigate app on desktop and mobile, smooth and fun gameplay, and a philosophy based on rewarding their clients. It does all this and includes some excellent bonuses, as well as a strong sign-up bonus.

Finally, keeping all this in mind, it’s also accessible and well established on the market. With the site being secure and well tested, give it a chance and see if you can use your hobby to win real money. You should try SugarHouse Casino sports betting—you won’t regret it. Let’s see together why this platform stands out from other NJ online casinos.

Game Variations
Bonuses and Promo Offers
Mobile Friendliness
Customer Support
Overall Impression

PlaySugarHouse Online Sportsbook Pros and Cons

  • Awesome gameplay
  • Amazing bonuses
  • Great design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Customer-centric business philosophy

  • Crashes sometimes
  • Sudden changes
  • Extensive check-in process
  • Might use your mobile data
  • Requires geo-locating

Land-Based Affiliates

A part of this casino’s amazing perks—online and in its physical location—comes from its strong relationships. Not only does Sugarhouse hold the necessary licences and permits, but since the SugarHouse Sportsbook launch, it has been actively contributing to its community.

Unlike other platforms, SugarHouse has a single physical location and almost no affiliates in terms of casinos. But unlike other physical casinos, this platform is a first class sportsbook. Its business philosophy orients it more towards its native Philadelphia community. It’s a part of Fishtown Action and is committed to the Community Benefit Agreement. Through the latter, the casino is obliged to pay one million back into its community. That’s what makes the PlaySugarHouse NJ Online Sportsbook so amazing.

And the platform is even more centralized than that. Along with its base being one sole physical property, it comes with its own proprietary software, which was developed by Rush Street Interactive. The software is regularly improved to ensure player satisfaction—meaning the software is periodically updated to remove common concerns and issues based on customer experience.

As for their banking options, SugarHouse forged multiple strategic partnerships, including ones with Visa, Mastercard, and Neteller. This way, the SugarHouse Sportsbook can ensure secure money transactions.

Overall, the business strategy and philosophy make this sportsbook amazing. Even though it’s based on a single physical location, its superb mission and customer care make you forget that. Visiting their site is a truly special experience.

Game Variations and Betting Offers

There are a number of sports you can bet on through this platform, including baseball, basketball, boxing/MMA, football, hockey, golf, soccer, and a few others. Betting is mostly the same for each sport, but PlaySugarHouse sports betting has small variations for each one.

As for betting types, there are point spread, money line, total points, and futures. As you can see, the platform offers a limited number of betting offers, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

SugarHouse sportsbook - game variety

The point spread is the most common type of bet among online sportsbooks. It’s an individual wager on a game or event where a player bets on the margin of points by which his team has to win. Winning this wager is also known as covering the margin. It’s a really popular SugarHouse Sportsbook bet—great for beginner players.

Then, there’s the equally popular money line. In this type of bet, players wager on the odds of their team winning outright. This game doesn’t use a point spread. Also, money line rules may be slightly different depending on the sport you’re betting on.

The total points bet is where a player wagers on the final number of points. This type of bet requires some luck, but also experience. It’s one of the toughest bets available in SugarHouse sports betting.

Finally, there are futures. Futures are commonly played by analytical, strategic players. In this bet, a player wagers on the outcome of a future event or game. Usually, these games aren’t posted in the distant future. Rather, they occur close to a week after the player places the bet. Overall, the available bet type options are satisfying.

Bonuses To Multiply Your Bankroll With

The platform offers a series of bonuses you can acquire while playing. These range from a deposit bonus, promo codes, and in-game bonuses. The SugarHouse Sportsbook welcome bonus is surely popular. With this bonus you get your deposit matched by 100% up to $250.

Other bonuses include those you get from promo codes, as well as the loyalty program. Out of all the New Jersey online gambling sites, SugarHouse’s is the only one that features an unprecedented 1x wagering requirement. It means that you have to wager the bonus amount just one time before you can cash it out.

Then, you can score both bonus points and loyalty points. Basically, SugarHouse sports betting rewards you everytime you play on its platform. Still, these are separate bonuses. For example, you may get bonus points after each game.

SugarHouse sportsbook - bonuses

Loyalty points are also rewarded after each bet, but they roll with you. Loyalty points are kept on a rolling basis, which means they’ll be transferred to the next month. Later, they can be redeemed for free spins or a scratch card. Eventually, you may use them in the bonus store.

Fast Mobile App for an Exquisite Experience

There’s support for mobile. You can get the SugarHouse Sportsbook app for Android and iOS. The app is totally free. However, using their app over 3G or 4G may lead to you using mobile data and accruing mobile expenses. The app works well on almost all versions of both systems.

Technically, it’s a great application. It has all the features the desktop variant has. The page loading time is fast, and there are no glitches. However, you need to be in a WiFi or internet zone so your location can be confirmed. Also, you should make space for the SugarHouse NJ sports betting app because of its file size.

Ease of Use

As stated before, the proprietary application software is developed and updated strictly for this platform. Along with its awesome design and navigation, this makes the platform easy to use. Rarely, the application crashes. But this happens mostly on older operating systems.

Placing a bet is a simple process—mostly because the design is so clear, which makes navigation extremely easy. There’s almost no wait time when placing a bet. The load time is fast, and the page transition is smooth. Still, for this SugarHouse Sportsbook review we have to mention one more thing.

SugarHouse sportsbook - ease of use

There’s a small issue with depositing money. It’s best to completely read the FAQ section to fully understand each method of deposit. This reduces any unnecessary wait times and helps you find the best deposit system for you. Other than that, there are no major issues. In fact, gameplay is great. With all of the aforementioned, this is a platform I would highly recommend.

Payment and Deposit Methods

The SugarHouse NJ Sportsbook offers a variety of transaction methods, including prepaid card, Neteller, eCheck, cash, PayPal, and check by mail. There are no hidden fees for either deposits or payments. However, they say that some card providers do charge fees. Therefore, they recommend using their prepaid card.

The wait time for a money transaction is usually 12–72 hours. It’s 3–14 days for checks, but eCheck takes less time than a mailed check. Although these also have a wait time. While transactions may be made at, sportsbook direct deposits are instantaneous and recommended.

Using their transaction system requires reading through their FAQ to get the specifics and find what works for you the best. Also, check to see if your bank adds additional fees for these transactions.

Customer Support and Service

Since this platform is so centralized, ensuring clients’ security is a top priority. SugarHouse holds several licences, most of them connected to building permits. However, they are also active in the prevention of gambling addiction, as well as fully licenced for online gambling. SugarHouse online NJ sportsbook betting is completely safe.

As stated before, their licences are mostly building and business permits. To assure state legislators that they’re safe, they entered several help funds. Part of their investment will be returned to the community. This was required for the platform to become a regular gambling business.

Also, since they are a smaller casino, even online, they have less trouble monitoring employees, which helps ensure fairness. Not a single employee is able to have a SugarHouse NJ sports betting account. To guarantee this, there’s also an extensive sign-up process. Users who don’t complete it can’t deposit or withdraw money.

SugarHouse sportsbook - customer support

This platform has one of the best customer support systems. The contact methods are email, direct call, and live chat. Their response time is amazing, live chat being the fastest option available. Most of the time, issues are resolved this way, but for more complicated concerns, it’s best to use email, as you get a chance to explain your issue in detail. Then the SugarHouse Online Sportsbook will give you a call to resolve your issue.

Their customer support is open 24/7 for most days of the year. They are polite and willing to help you out on all occasions. But with their FAQ, you can mostly resolve all issues by yourself.


Truly, this is a one-of-a-kind platform. While other awesome platforms are out there, almost none have unique perks like this one. And yes, all of them still pride themselves on being customer-centric. However, out of all the NJ online sports betting platforms, this by far has the best business philosophy.

Overall, it comes with awesome bonuses, great gameplay, state-of-the-art software, and is carefully regulated for maximum ease of use and enjoyment. There are different money processing options for each player, and there’s a short money processing time. The app works on almost every device, there are no delays, but there are fast page transitions, and there’s a unique bonus system that rewards players like no other.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind platform. Give yourself a chance to amass one awesome bankroll with the SugarHouse Sportsbook. It turns your hobby into a truly profitable business.


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