FanDuel NJ Sports Betting Review

FanDuel NJ Sports Betting Review


The FanDuel sportsbook is a betting platform worth visiting—that is, if you want a swift system with a clearly designed interface. On top of that, it has an excellent deposit bonus system that activates every time you put money into the machine. If this is what you’re looking for, then FanDuel is definitely for you.

Ever since the launch of the FanDuel sportsbook, NJ punters have been wondering whether it would be successful for their fantasy sports project. And we have good news! Since it’s one of the greats in fantasy league betting, it lets your hobby become your payroll.

Strategy and analysis, skill and knowledge, all are required to reach a hefty payout. Well, you also need some luck. But does it even sound possible? It does with FanDuel gambling. Read through our review and find out why you should put your next fantasy lineup on this platform. This is what makes it so great.  

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Great gameplay system
  • Clear navigation
  • Promo codes, deposit bonus, and promo events
  • Fast payment


  • Restricted for global play
  • Complicated FAQs
  • Customer support is sometimes ineffective
  • Few payment methods
  • Extensive application process

Land-Based Affiliates

For a gambling platform, good relationships with sponsors and affiliates are a must. For FanDuel sportsbook online, 2018 is the year that truly encompasses that. But even if you read this review later, or next year, it won’t matter. With over 2 million players, the platform is sure to continue partnerships with the NBA, both league and individual teams. They even have a partnership with the NFL.

Up until now, the platform was mostly available online. Currently, a move to take the platform to casinos is in progress. But not in all statewide casinos. However, there’s one special space to play: enter Fanduel sportsbook at New Meadowlands Racetrack. The luxury space comes with parking, lounges, and other perks for a delightful experience.


As for its game technology, its development is ensured by GAN and IGT. However, the platform is currently solely available through the website, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work if you get it from anywhere else.

For the present time, the platform works with Betfair, Visa, and Mastercard. Betfair is used to process electronic payments, and ensure you get them. Working with fewer banks allows FanDuel sportsbook to ensure security with safe deposits and payments.

Game Variations and Betting Offers

This platform allows you to bet on various sports. The available sports include NFL, baseball, MMA, basketball, golf, hockey, and so on. Build your lineup, within your financial limitations, of course. Then, you’ll be ready to place your bets and enter some contests.

The simplest contest you may enter is a straight bet. Place a bet on game or event and see how it unfolds. It’s great for beginners, makes FanDuel betting straightforward, and requires less strategy. The game is determined by point spread, money line, or total.

Then, there’s the parlay. Essentially, it’s a single bet that links two or more wagers. A player wins only when he wins all bets in the parlay. If a single bet is lost, the player loses the parlay. Of course, wining nets you a higher payoff.

Futures are bets placed far into the future on an event or game. This type of bet is great for strategic and analytical FanDuel sports betting players. It’s really amazing to win this wager.

For the more experienced players, there are the proposition bets. Here, you’ll place a bet on a certain outcome of the game. Placing a prop bet usually goes along with special events or games. An example of a prop bet would be betting on who scores the first goal.

There are other types of bets for you to place. However, as with any other game, make sure to create a great lineup and be strategic when engaging in some FanDuel online betting.

FanDuel Specific Bonuses

The sweetest part of any game are the bonuses. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many bonuses here. At best, you’ll get a promo code bonus or deposit bonus. However, there is reward point system.

The promo code is self-explanatory. Create an account from affiliates and promoters, and net a bonus for the amount of $25. However, the deposit bonus is far more interesting. The deposit bonus activates as soon as you deposit money for betting. Then, it becomes a pending bonus, and there’s a 4% net fee from your deposit. The FanDuel sportsbook bonus rewards longterm players in this way.

The main issue with the bonus is that it doesn’t take effect right away. At least not a visible one. But you still get rewarded with points that can later be redeemed to enter contests. Overall, you may enter contests for as low as $1. Winning those bets, and netting even a part of the deposit bonus this way provides you with a chance to multiply your bankroll in the long run.

Fun on the Run – Go Mobile

As for the FanDuel sports betting app, like other NJ betting platforms, you can get it on mobile devices. While it’s available for android, the app isn’t listed in the Google Store. You have to download it directly from their website. Note that even if you install and use the app, you still have to be in New Jersey to place a bet.

The app’s crude design is redeemed by its functionality. Due to the fast page load time, it’s recommended for daily users. All features available on the desktop versions are also available on the FanDuel betting app. However, using their mobile application is simpler and quicker. Also, make sure to use it on Android systems, 7.0 or above. Overall, the app is handy and easy to use.

Ease of Use of FanDuel Sportsbook

When it comes to design, this platform stands out among betting websites. The user interface looks simple, but it’s fantastic to use. It allows you to access your lineup, place bets, enter contests, and withdraw or deposit money without any problems. The loading speed is fast, and there are no major technical issues. As far as this FanDuel sportsbook review goes, this is an easy-to-use platform.

Create your lineup before you place a bet. Spend your money and build your team. After that, you’re free to enter contests and check promos. Select the type of bet you want to place, wager, and wait. Like any other game, skill and luck are necessary to win. If you are a beginning player, take some time to study rules and game strategies. You’ll be entering contests with great players right away, so be ready. Still, playing FanDuel sportsbook online is totally simple and fun.

The main issue I had with this platform was the accessibility of rules, regulations, and documentation. Finding the documentation sometimes requires additional Google searches. Such excessive research takes away precious gameplay time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sometimes, it’s hard to navigate through the platform to learn how to perform a certain action. Aside from smaller issues, you’ll get used to the platform rather quickly.  

Payment and Deposit Methods

FanDuel sportsbook has several options. More methods are available for deposits than for withdrawals. Cards eligible for deposit include VISA, Mastercard, and the FanDuel prepaid card. Also, you can use a bank transfer, check, or PayPal. Check your bank policies to see if they work with Betfair.

However, there are fewer options for payment, including e-check, mailed check, PayPal, and their prepaid card. For checks, the waiting time is 3–7 business days, with an additional 24-hour Betfair approval process. Now, the FanDuel NJ sports betting casino’s wait time for card or Paypal is 24–48 hours, prompting you to take advantage.


Customer Support and Security

The customer support and security are a bit flawed. These issues stem from FanDuel’s generally inaccessible documentation and customer support. However, I have to praise how active this platform is in promoting gambling addiction prevention.

Even with the hard to find documentation, the site is completely legal. However, there are states that prohibit this form of betting. Searching through their documentation takes effort, but you will find proof of legal Fanduel sports gambling in there. As a platform, it also prohibits employees from taking part in betting to improve fairness.  

As for the customer support, you can contact them by email, phone, or live chat. The response rate for live chat is more than satisfying. They reply right away. However, asking multiple or detailed questions may confuse the agent. It’s best to read the FAQs and explain your problem as clearly as possible. Still, the platform is simple, and there are no major issues with it.


For FanDuel sportsbook, the hours available for contact are regular working hours. Most problems can be resolved without customer support, which is still polite and cares about their customers. Overall, FanDuel is secure. There are no known major breaches of security since its inception or major issues—just read through everything, and you’ll be fine.


Overall, there are several reasons this platform is adored by millions of players. So give FanDuel gambling a chance. It’s a swift-working platform with clear navigation. And if you’re impatient for bonuses, it offers them early.

It’s especially perfect if you love fantasy leagues. There are numerous sports available to create the lineup of your dreams—a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a retirement fund from a childhood passion. You can do it with fast gameplay and without glitches, so compete with the best of the best.

Long story short, it’s the dream fantasy-league playing you don’t have to wait for, that is, if you want to amass a real bankroll. Bottom line is FanDuel sportsbook is definitely worth a bet or two.


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