About Us

We’re very glad to have you here! We are NJGames, a team of experienced recreational gamblers eager to explain the newly legalized NJ online casino industry.

I’m Onur, part of the NJ Games team. Once sports betting was federally legalized, I realized a lot of you enthusiasts would have the same questions I did about regulated online gambling in New Jersey.

We did some research and found that there were too many questionable unlicensed online casinos and online sportsbooks without the same transparency and integrity standards we set for ourselves.

While I’m not an expert in predicting what bets to make, I can definitely help you pick the best NJ online casino and sports betting site suited for you.


Here is my methodology and why you can trust my online casino reviews:

  1. I sign up at every single NJ online casino and sports betting website.
  2. Unlike other review sites, I don’t stop there. I make a deposit and play with real money with the genuine intention to win!
  3. From signing-up to withdrawing funds, I evaluate every step of the process with a proven standardized checklist.
  4. I am a REAL person! Check out my Instagram account or find my tweets about the latest news surrounding gambling and the sports betting industry in New Jersey!


So you’re probably curious:

“Who regulates the online casino and sports betting websites?”

The NJ DGE (New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement) does a great job of regulating online casinos and sports betting but they can only do so much. As experienced gamblers, we know regulation is just the beginning. It’s not the DGE’s responsibility to show gamblers a completely optimized gaming experience or highlight the best bonus offers available.


You may be wondering:

Why Did We Create This Website?

We created NJgames.org because we wanted you to know the NJ online gambling industry better. It’s always a smart idea to learn more about your favorite casino sites, and we’re here to give you 100% unbiased and accurate reviews.

What do we do?

We’re here to provide important information about the legislative and regulatory law changes, the latest and best bonus offers, and a comprehensive FAQ. We’re here to make your gambling career as successful as possible and both DGE and NJ Games want to ensure legally licensed casinos are where games are being played.


But here is the kicker:

Before we wrap up this introductory text, we must remind you that gambling is fun only when done responsibly. Irresponsible gambling habits and behaviors can negatively impact your overall experience and we want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Please call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit the links at the bottom of this page if you are struggling with a gambling addiction in NJ.


Please leave this site if you are under 18 years of age.