Our Philosophy and Evaluation Criteria

We created NJ Games to help betting enthusiasts in New Jersey find the best NJ online casinos. As gamblers ourselves, we know exactly how frustrating this search can be and how difficult it is to make sense of sites’ convoluted promotions and complicated conditions. It’s hard to know who to trust. Our reviews tell you all you need to know about each betting site, including its deals, bonuses, support service, security, and restrictions. But what is our evaluation criteria?

We evaluate sites through gamblers’ eyes, looking for all their strengths and potential flaws. We assess each site’s design, the quantity and quality of games it offers, how easy it is to navigate and register its special offers, and its customer support service. Only once we’ve checked all these criteria do we begin writing our comprehensive reviews. Sponsored reviews have no value whatsoever for readers. That’s why we never receive payment for anything we write. We’re proud that our reviews are independent, objective, and in-depth. And we’re sure our readers can recognize and appreciate that honesty.

Here are the philosophies that guide us when reviewing online casinos.

Good UX Is Essential

Design creates your first impression of any site. The first page you visit should be attractive and welcoming. If its design looks outdated or it’s difficult to navigate, the poor user experience will drive you to go somewhere else. On the other hand, an eye-pleasing, functional design can make users feel more willing to bet. The best sites look great and give users all the information they need without overwhelming them.

It’s not just style and layout. How many times have you found yourself staring at a pretty animation while waiting for your desired page to load, all the while feeling your frustration grow? We assess every site’s page loading speed so you never have to deal with excruciating wait times while you gamble.

You should never have to think too hard when navigating a gambling site. If the site’s UX designers have done their job, its layout should be straightforward, logical, and clear. The smoother and sleeker the site, the higher we rate it in this category. Of course, as with every site, it should be easy to get back to the home page in one click.

Numerous studies suggest that mobile browsing has become more popular than desktop browsing in recent years. Every good web designer knows this, so there’s no excuse for sites that don’t perform well on mobile devices. Whether you prefer to use your mobile phone, your tablet, or your PC when you gamble, the top betting sites should provide an enjoyable experience.

There’s No Substitute for Good Games

Games are the heart and soul of every online casino. In order to attract visitors, the best gambling platforms offer a diverse selection of reputable games. We take into account how many games each site offers, how immersive they are, and how likely you are to win.

Many of the best online casinos allow you to play games in demo mode so you can see how they work without having to stake any money. This is a great option, as it lets you acquaint yourself with the games, learn their ins and outs, and decide whether you like them without any risk. In our experience, sites that offer demo games typically provide better support and experience to their users, which is why they receive a better rating from us.

You can’t visit an online casino without being bombarded by messages about welcome bonuses and special promotions. In many cases, these bonuses seem incredibly generous. However, they all come with restrictions that you should understand. We analyze each site’s promotional offers – and the restrictions attached to them – to help you find the ones that work in your favor. After all, there’s no point getting free money if you can never actually claim it.

Security Above All

When you pay for things online, security should always be your biggest concern. You have to be sure your money is safe and that nobody, including the casino, is going to steal it. High-quality online casinos not only put the latest security protocols in place; they’re also transparent about how they keep your funds safe. Our reviews thoroughly assess each site’s security, and we never recommend any online casino that might put you at risk. As part of our security assessment, we also ensure that each site has all the necessary licenses and follows the regulations required to operate in New Jersey. If you use one of the sites we recommend, you can rest assured that you’re not inadvertently breaking any laws. And don’t worry – online gambling was legalized in New Jersey in November 2013.

If you ever run into trouble while betting online, you should always be able to contact customer support and receive a quick response. Most sites offer email support, and the best platforms also have a live chat option manned by polite, trained customer support officers. We test each site’s customer service options to assess the team’s effectiveness and professionalism.

The Final Result

It is only after we have thoroughly assessed all of these criteria with hours of research, playing, and testing, that we compile our findings to create a comprehensive review. Make sure you read our review before visiting a casino; you’ll find everything you need to choose the best site for you.