A proposition bet is a unique betting option that’s also known as a novelty/exotic bet, or simply, a prop. So, what is a prop bet exactly?

For starters, prop bets are both versatile and flexible, but these wagers aren’t tied to the final outcome of the game. Instead, props can cover everything during a sporting event, from the opening toss to the Gatorade showers after the game. One of the most popular props is betting on the performances of individual players, like guessing how many points Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum will score during the game.

Here is a typical list of some of the prop betting options: 

  • Will the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants go into overtime?
  • How many 3-point field goals will be scored during the game?
  • How many dunks will there be during the game?
  • Who will be crowned MVP?

Just like money lines, spreads, or totals, proposition betting markets are available with almost all reputable online betting venues.

The basics of props

Today, proposition betting is highly entertaining and extremely popular. But it wasn’t always like that. Unlike money lines and spreads, props weren’t widely available just a few decades ago. It was the growing appetite for these types of wagers that forced sportsbooks to get creative. And with the growth of online gambling sites, proposition betting eventually exploded on a global scale. Today, NFL prop bets are among the most popular options, but there are scores of other props on various professional sports, including basketball and hockey betting.

In short, a prop covers any legal form of betting that isn’t related to the final score or outcome of the game. It’s available for different sports, teams, and games.

Like other sports markets, props can be found in betting lobbies. You need to click on the icon that is usually named “additional betting” or “more wagers”, and prop forms will appear on the screen. In addition to player prop bets, many reputable sites, like William Hill, offer props because the wagers are a great source of revenue. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all prop bets are lost. The trick is to be selective and pick bets that you’re comfortable with.

Types of sports betting props

Proposition bets come in all shapes and sizes. We’re going to focus on the three most popular types:

Game Props

In the umbrella category of prop bets, each spotting event and game offers a variety of choices. When it comes to prop bets in the NFL, the list of possible wagers is endless during any regular season contest. Of course, it’s during the Super Bowl that props cover practically every eventuality.

At most online gambling sites, you can wager on the following props:

  • The team that will score first
  • The team that scores the first 10 points
  • Will either team score in the first ten minutes?
  • Will the opening kickoff result in a touchback?
  • Will the match go into overtime?

Player prop

Betting on whether individual players will over perform or under perform a line set by the sportsbook is one of the most common types of props. It includes a variety of options, like betting on how many points a player will score during the game or how many assists the player will have. But other player props are designed for entertainment value and typically don’t have anything to do with the course of the actual game.

Here are some examples of player prop wagers:

  • Will a certain player score more or less than 1.5 touchdowns?
  • Will LeBron James have over or under 8.5 assists?
  • Will Tyreek Hill get two touchdowns?

Novelty Props 

Novelty props are also considered fun props. They happen only during the big tournaments and sports events, like the Super Bowl. Those props aren’t related to the actual game but the things that surround the match.

Here are some of the best prop bets that happen during big events:

  • What will be the largest wager by Floyd Mayweather?
  • How many songs will Jennifer Lopez perform during the halftime show?
  • Will Donald Trump show up at the match?
  • How many players will be arrested in Miami after the game?

Prop offers vary based on the sport and teams, and almost all good sportsbooks offer a few options for the most popular professional sports such as basketball, football, and baseball.

Prop Bets Examples

Basketball props 

Here you can bet on LeBron James to have over or under 8.5 assists. The number is determined by the oddsmakers, and it’s calculated based on the player’s latest performances and his form. Using this data, the oddsmakers can predict that LeBron will have between eight and nine assists per game.

Football props

When it comes to football, you can also bet on whether a player will go under or over a certain number of touchdowns. Just like with basketball players, oddsmakers make predictions based on an individual player’s results and form. For example, prop bet odds can be 2.5 touchdowns under or over for Patric Mahomes. Oddsmakers calculated that the quarterback is expected to throw between two and three touchdowns, so you can bet on him getting over or under 2.5 touchdowns.

Baseball props

If you’re a fan of baseball, you can make either over/unders or player vs. player wagers. You can bet on everything from the total hits and runs to the total number of strikeouts or which players will hit home runs.


How do NBA prop bets work?

Prop bets on NBA teams and players work the same as those in other sports. You can bet on whether individual players or teams will over or under perform a line set by the bookmakers. Sports props include everything from betting on points and blocks to assists and fouls.

What is a prop bet example?

An example of a prop bet is wagering on who will score the first touchdown. You can bet on pretty much anything during the game, like how many assists LeBron James will have or which team is going to win the coin toss.

Are prop bets legal?

Like other sports betting forms, props are legal at licensed and regulated bookies. However, some exotic props aren’t legal in the US.