Without a doubt, DraftKings is a gambling powerhouse. The daily fantasy sports leader evolved into an omnichannel, multi-vertical casino and this is just the beginning for their impressive company.

After major success with Draftkings Sportsbook, the company is launching the first phase of the NJ online casino platform.

Introducing Blackjack

Currently, the only available game is Blackjack, and it’s available for the Android platform. At the moment, only the Android platform is live, and the iOS platform will be soon to follow.

While this is exciting news, it’s hardly a surprise. Even though DraftKings Sportsbook has proved to be a huge success, it’s too reliant on calendars. Sportsbooks rely on sports events to reach high-profit margins. However, online casinos are already losing to sportsbooks in terms of revenue.

Therefore, the crossover between the casino and the sportsbook should appeal to a broader audience. Introducing Blackjack to an audience is a much simpler process than introducing an audience to sports betting. Blackjack doesn’t require much work or implementation regarding either data or logistics. The casinos get to set it up right away, and the players get hooked up immediately.

Finally, NJ online casinos pull in around $25 million in combined revenue on a monthly basis, and Blackjack is already on-demand on the gambling market. However, everything seems to be going all too well for DraftKings, and wherever DraftKings prospers, the FanDuel is sure to follow.

Rivalry with FanDuel

Anyone in the gambling world knows that when one of the rivals introduces a new offer, the other will surely do the same. And the odds for the appearance of a FanDuel casino seem pretty good.

FanDuel is a part of the Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) empire. The executives disclosed that the FanDuel brand would be the primary identity for the (PPB). And with an empire behind it, FanDuel is going to bring amazing betting experiences to their fans, and fierce competition for DraftKings.