FanDuel has released a brand new feature in its sportsbook, which could make a big difference when it comes to competing with other NJ Casinos. Punters who choose to wager at FanDuel can now use the cash-out option. Although FanDuel is not the first to enable their users to withdraw early from the game, they are confident that this innovation will push their sportsbook out to the front lines and hopefully attract more bettors.

What Is Cashing-Out?

The cash-out option, as its name suggests, allows players to withdraw their funds before the match or event is over. The funds withdrawn can be higher or lower than the initial stake; it all depends on the predicted outcome of the event. The cash-out option is typically used with in-play betting, which means the wager gets placed after the event has already begun. For example, while horse betting, you may place a bet after the race has started and then withdraw it before it has finished—this is considered in-play betting. Keep in mind, that the pricing and stake amount may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. The origins of in-play can be traced all the way to 1992 when British operator Sky Sports enabled in-play betting for Premier League matches.

How Do You Claim It?

FanDuel announced that the cash-out option will be a part of the “cash-in with cash-out” promo and will serve as testing grounds for further implementation of the cash-out option. Every customer who wishes to partake will have to click on the “cash-out” button and then will receive free site credit. Cash-out is limited to one wager per bettor, and any cash-out use can earn them $10 in free site credit, which they can spend on future bets. Any free credit claimed expires seven days after activation. Since FanDuel is ranked second when it comes to sports betting revenue, the promo is bound to attract more bettors.