In the old days, betting pools were all the rage with casual bettors. You couldn’t find an office or a dorm room where pools weren’t set up by Friday night. However, in the last decade, fantasy sports have taken over what was once a social occasion among bettor. DraftKings aims to bring back those old days of pool betting glory with their all-new DraftKings Sportsbook Pools.

Still, to be honest, it isn’t a completely new idea in the NJ sports betting world. Since the start of this NFL season, DraftKings has been trying to work the system in order to set up something similar to a betting pool in the form of DraftKings Team Pick’em. However, since the market for pool betting is now legalized, the DraftKings team decided to go all in!

One of the major benefits of pool betting is that everyone can take part in them regardless of their previous experience. The system is easy and made simple for new punters. The app was launched specifically to follow this year’s NFL season. Punters can choose a wide variety of predictions, some of them on a weekly basis. In addition, DraftKings has jackpot prizes for the most successful punters.

Each week you are given an opportunity to partake by placing a $20 buy-in. The total weekly cash pool is $200 000. Punters that successfully predict all their bets share a $100 000 prize. Punters that make one mistake share a prize of $60 000, while the third-place gets to share a $40 000 prize. If you want to partake, you have to be located in New Jersey. Officials have suggested that there is a potential of DraftKings pool to expand on other sports such as tennis or basketball, but those are all still speculations.