Today, we are in an era of massive sports betting expansion, but there’s an issue when it comes to predicting the actual impact of this sports betting growth—at least, that’s what David Rebuck, director of the DGE (department of gaming enforcement), claims. We can’t forget about the unreliable human factor, which plays a huge role in this new development.

Reality Check

Realistically speaking, the numbers show that sportsbooks and casinos will be able to coexist effectively. There should be no fear that the expansion and growth of one will cause the demise or failure of the other.

Additionally, the head members of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board have a pragmatic perspective on the matter. They claim that they are seeing revenue growth like they haven’t seen in years. The experts, however, see the revenue as the main problem.

Expert Advice

Because of the cost of taxes and licensing, the operators get only a fragment of the total revenue, and experts claim that sportsbooks aren’t simply, “pots of gold.” Operating a casino or sportsbook is far from easy. It’s a craft that requires its operators to really understand how to preserve their organization.

The regulators and legislators could help with this by working more closely with operators. They would then gain more understanding, and find out what’s important to the customers, which would create a more profitable sportsbook.

With laws and regulations as they are now, the future of online sports betting and NJ online gambling looks troublesome. However, it seems clear that this is the year when most states will introduce the sports betting legislation. It’s a cup of hope for any betting enthusiast!