William Hill NJ Sports Betting Review

William Hill NJ Sports Betting Review

William Hill NJ sports betting is a top competitor in the market of NJ online casinos. And you should try it—that is, if you want to play on a platform almost 100 years old. Fast, secure, and fair, it comes with bonuses, promos, and promo codes accessible all year round. Take a chance to increase your earnings in a sophisticated and fun way.

And now, it’s possible to play on its neatly designed interface—available on both desktop and mobile. A truly amazing platform, the William Hill NJ Sportsbook is what most players should try first. It’s a fantasy league player’s best friend.

Game Variations
Bonuses and Promo Offers
Mobile Friendliness
Customer Support
Overall Impression

William Hill Online Sportsbook Pros and Cons

  • Excellent promos
  • Playable on mobile
  • Fast payment processing
  • Always available customer support
  • Superb website

  • Extensive application process
  • Withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Extensive geotargeting
  • FAQs tend to be repetitive
  • Lack of centralized policy directory

A Century of Experience

Surely, William Hill is one of the oldest and strongest gambling platforms you’ll ever encounter. The platform is now worldwide, and it has it all, from prominent sponsorships with top sports teams to investment portfolios. Since its existence spans for almost 100 years, the William Hill online sportsbook for the New Jersey market went far and wide.

It’s NJDGE approved, and takes part in several responsible gambling actions. It’s spreading awareness on these issues, as well as awareness of its brand’s existence. The platform partnered up with the Premier league and the FWA. They claim these partnerships are a part of their DNA. All of these together truly encompass the meaning of “top competitor.”

In the future it’s reasonable to expect them to grow. I recommend visiting the William Hill Sports Book at Monmouth Park. It currently represents the most luxurious betting spot of all related betting places. Aside from its many perks, William Hill is one of the few betting platforms available in several states. At the moment, they are even launching an app for Nevada.

The software is created by Computerized Booking Systems. It’s a proprietary system, solely developed for William Hill to support their gaming platform. Also, although it was introduced later, the brick-and-mortar casinos still use it to promote their online app. This gives William Hill NJ sports betting a competitive edge.

The platform’s finances are safe and proven, considering it’s been on the London Stock Exchange since the previous century. As a leader in the gambling industry, it has several major entities worldwide. So while their app is amazing, be sure to visit their brick-and-mortar casinos.

Game Variations

The platform offers an extensive list of sports to bet on. Since the platform’s launch, players may place their bets on NFL, MMA, golf, hockey, soccer, NBA, baseball, and other games. Options available since the William Hill NJ sportsbook launch are straight bet, parlay, futures, propositions, teasers, and round robin.

William Hill NJ sports betting - game variety

A straight bet, as the name suggests, is an individual wager determined by a single game or event. It’s possible to bet on point spread, moneyline, or total. It’s the simplest form of betting, great for beginners.

Then, there’s the parlay. Parlays are fun and nerve wrecking, suited for more experienced players. In parlays, a player links several wagers on a single bet. There’s the possibility of doing a parlay across multiple sports. Players betting at the William Hill NJ Sportsbook win the parlay if they win all linked wagers. However, losing even a single wager means losing the entire parlay. Of course, winning means a much higher payout.

Futures are amazing bets for testing your analytical skills. Here, a player places a bet on a future game or event. Betting on futures requires in-depth game knowledge.

Similar to futures are propositions. In proposition bets, a player bets on a certain in-game outcome. An example of such an outcome would be a first goal. This type of William Hill NJ sports betting is oriented towards analytical and strategic players.

Generally, William Hill’s odds are fair. However, minimum bets are $2, while the maximum is negotiable. It depends on the client. For more inquiries, contact their support.

Also, there are other available bets. Game variations and betting explanations are available in the FAQ section, downloadable as a PDF. Beginners benefit from them as they get a complete understanding of terms and their options. Study these guides, and the quality of your gameplay will significantly increase. You’ll see the change in each William Hill NJ game once you can fully apply them.

No Lack of Bonuses & Promos

William Hill offers a deposit bonus, promos, promo codes, and a rewards system. The deposit bonus is activated as soon as you deposit money. Among others, you should get the welcome bonus, which gives you a $50 reward. While the reward system is more or less the same as that of other platforms, the promos and promo codes are excellent.

William Hill NJ sports betting - bonuses

In the sense of bonuses and promos, William Hill is one of the best NJ online betting platforms. Here, promos and promo codes run for the entire year, months at the time. By the time you read this William Hill NJ sportsbook review you may already have missed the amazing September promos. Currently available codes allow you to get $30–$50 in free bets, free spins, and deposit match bonuses. But this is just the September offer. New offers arrive every month.

On the other hand, the William Hill NJ sports betting promos run for the entire year, but are often related to specific games or events. Currently, there’s a fall promo. With this promo you’ll get “fall” points, which can later be redeemed for prizes or free games. Also, combine the William Hill NJ sports betting welcome bonus and its promos to win various prizes and points. Just make sure to keep checking them regularly.

As for their shop, it works on a point-based reward system. Points are earned after every game and can be later redeemed as free bets or in their shop. Surely, playing more rewards you more.


The William Hill New Jersey Sportsbook betting app is available for Android and IOS. The app is free to download on their website, the Google Store, or the Apple store. It’s slick and neatly designed. The William Hill NJ sports betting app has buttons, promos, and games that are clearly visible and easy to use.

There are no major differences between the desktop and mobile versions. The page loading time is fast. There are no major issues reported across different devices. In-game clarity depends on the size of your screen. To some extent, a better device means better gameplay. The sportsbook app is awesome, and I highly recommended it. Certainly, it’s one of the finest in the market.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a finer point of the William Hill NJ Sportsbook app. Overall, the website is well structured with a responsive design. Even in the mobile version, there are no glitches or delays caused by data overload—even more so when you see the website’s combination of content and design.

William Hill NJ sports betting - ease of use

A literal standalone in an already rare niche, it’s one of the few to sport a blog. The William Hill Sportsbook’s New Jersey blog is helpful and brings you up to speed on the latest developments and in-game necessities. Still, the gameplay and betting pages on the William Hill New Jersey online sportsbook are really simple to use. The interface is clear and the buttons and commands are simple to use.  

Placing a bet takes a few seconds. Managing your lineup and juggling with multiple sports is of no issue. Each process is smooth and requires just a few days of playing to get fully accustomed to it. Depositing and withdrawing money with the William Hill platform is simple and takes a few minutes. Also, you can do this on mobile, and there are no major differences between the mobile and desktop platforms for the William Hill online sportsbook for NJ players.

My only recommendation is to head to the FAQ section before playing and download their gameplay PDF. It’s really detailed and contains all the important information. Reading through it is great for beginners and experienced players alike.

Payment and Deposit Methods

Depositing and withdrawing money is simple with William Hill and can be done via Visa or Mastercard, ACH, William Hill prepaid card, or direct deposit. New Jersey online sports betting is so amazing with how quickly you can use your funds.

Minimum deposits for William Hill New Jersey are $20, while maximum payout depends on the method of withdrawal. The processing time is amazing. At worst it’s 72 hours, but usually it’s less than that. Funds are immediately available for use, and there are no major issues reported with money transactions, deposits, or payouts. Out of the possible options, direct depositing at their casinos is by far the best one. But while it’s amazing to play William Hill online, the NJ sportsbook is something you should try.

Customer Support and Security

The William Hill NJ Sports Book has almost a 100-year-long tradition. Needless to say, they wouldn’t have stayed in operation if they weren’t secure and didn’t care for their customers. They have all the necessary licenses to operate in New Jersey, as well as some other states. They have the required DGE license.

William Hill NJ sports betting - customer support

Employees of their platform are unable to sign up for an account. With this in mind, players must provide sensitive information for the casino to verify in order to ensure their full protection. The chance of cheating is reduced by fair and regularly updated markets. And applying for multiple NJ online sports betting accounts isn’t possible.

With their apps, desktop or mobile, comes a geolocation plugin to ensure all players are from allowed countries. Make sure to provide accurate info to be able to play and participate. Therefore, the betting remains fair for all of its players.

When it comes to customer support, the platform truly shines. The contact methods include call, live chat, and email, and the support team is knowledgeable and polite. Most importantly, they’ll help you out. Customer support is available every day of the year for William Hill NJ, their hours being 24/7!

Also, they are active promoters of responsible gambling. Their policies for data protection, customer protection, and services are as easily available as their FAQs. If you have any questions, give them a call. Just call them, they’ll help you out.

A Strong, Established Betting Platform

After all that, this is one of the best platforms available. If you want to have amazing gameplay and significantly increase your bankroll, then this betting platform is for you. And it comes with an amazing website.

Certainly, the William Hill NJ Sports Book is one of the few online betting platforms that sports amazing design and gameplay. Easy to use, it’s open for both beginners and masters. It’s a chance to play on a system that’s become a well-established tradition. It’s open to numerous states, and you can even play at their luxury locations. It’s available for both mobile and desktop, with swift money transactions.

If you want smooth gameplay, optimized by years of successful business, then you should take a few minutes and create an account. William Hill NJ sports betting is an experience worth trying out.


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