PlayMGM Sportsbook Review

PlayMGM Sportsbook Review

When you hear the words “NJ online casinos,” what pops into your mind? You probably think about MGM. But then you may ask, Does PlayMGM offer online sports betting? And the answer is yes! And of course, it comes with all the same perks as MGM’s legendary, luxury casinos.

If you are searching for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, you should try this one. With gameplay and bonuses crafted through years of experience, you can multiply your bankroll while having fun, especially when you do it with PlayMGM’s unbelievable promos and free promo codes. Try it with their app. However, there’s so much more when it comes to the PlayMGM Sportsbook. Read on to find out what!

Game Variations
Bonuses and Promo Offers
Mobile Friendliness
Customer Support
Overall Impression

PlayMGM Online Sportsbook Pros and Cons

  • Excellent playing spots
  • Proven tradition in the gaming industry
  • Amazing gameplay
  • Exciting promos and offers
  • Great mobile app

  • Complete service is too expensive
  • Busy customer support
  • Lengthy sign-up process
  • Sportsbook unavailable for all casinos
  • Complicated FAQ

Land-Based Affiliates

PlayMGM is a top competitor in the NJ gambling market. It’s well legislated, with powerful partnerships in the US and abroad. The platform holds a DGE license, as well as licenses to operate in several states. Also, the PlayMGM NJ sports betting app pushes the promotion of responsible gambling with conviction. But what makes it to stand out is its land-based affiliates.

Their affiliates include famous casinos like Bellagio, Borgata, Delano, Luxor, Grand Victoria Casino, and Aria. Also, you can find their casinos in Detroit, Las Vegas, Nevada, and of course New Jersey. Also, there are international casinos in China in Cotai, Macau, and Grand Sanya. However, to play their fantasy sports you’ll have to be in either New Jersey or Nevada, or any other legalized MGM resorts sportsbook.

Also, they have a tight relationship with both Visa and Mastercard.Their money processing software includes SSL encryption, as well as secure codes. And they have prepaid cards you can get in their affiliated casinos.

Their software is top-notch, and it’s proprietary for all their casinos. The proprietary software is developed by IGT—and since they operate with a huge number of affiliates, the software is regularly updated and improved.

They are really transparent in their effort to support responsible gaming. In fact, the PlayMGM Sportsbook online launch included numerous phone numbers available for those in need.

Game Variations and Betting Offers

PlayMGM offers betting on multiple sports, as well as multiple betting types and wagers. Available sports are baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing/MMA, golf, motor racing, and soccer. The platform features special rules regarding play time for different sports, so it’s best to check their FAQ section to read specific rules for each sport. You don’t want to mess up your bankroll.

The most popular game variations in PlayMGM sports betting are point spread and moneyline, but the overall available betting options also include total points, parlays, props, and futures. Keep in mind that these betting types may have additional bets or rules, much like the different sports do.

playMGM sportsbook - game variety

Surely, the most popular is the point spread. Point spread is the margin of points by which a favored team must win for a player to win the wager. Then, there’s the moneyline. It represents the odds by which the team will win the game without a point spread. These are essential to understand PlayMGM sports betting in NJ.

Next, there’s a parlay. Parlay is a type of bet that consists of several wagers. To win a parlay, a player must win every wager on that bet. In case the player loses a single wager, the player loses the parlay. As for futures, they’re bets where players wager on an outcome of a future game. Usually, events aren’t too far into the future. Rather, they’re about a week after players place the 

Propositions are similar to parlays. In this type of NJ online sports betting, players wager on a specific outcome within the game. An example of a prop bet would be betting on the first goal or a first touchdown. Finally, total bets are bets where a player wagers on the final score of a game. This one requires more luck than skill, which makes it even more fun.

Unique Bonuses

This casino owes its huge popularity to the bonuses and promotions it regularly features. Also, there is the iRewards loyalty system, in which the sportsbook offers players rewards for the long run. Let’s start with the PlayMGM Sportsbook welcome bonus.

New players receive a $25 free play bonus as soon as their first deposit clears. Also, the first deposit is matched dollar-to-dollar up to $1000. With that, you also get 150 iRewards points. Along with the first deposit bonuses, there are daily bonuses. This platform rewards players by giving them free bets.

As for daily rewards, you can use the iRewards program. It’s a loyalty program which gives you points for every game you play. There are several levels for players to achieve. Then, the PlayMGM Sportsbook gives players a chance to purchase unique rewards like special access to tournaments, limited promos, free games, and others.

playMGM sportsbook - bonuses

Since MGM is such a huge casino, it has to provide bonuses and make games interesting for its customers. The more you play, the more you’ll have.

Amazing Mobile Experience

Currently, the mobile app is available for Android and iOS systems. The devices you can download are Android phones and iPhones. However, it’s recommended to use the latest version of the PlayMGM sports betting app, Android and iOS alike, to avoid possible glitches. There is no cost for using the app. Just download it from their website.

The app is highly functional and offers all the options you get from your online account. The only problem is separating and using different apps for different games. Make sure that you’ve downloaded the correct application. The app design is just fine, nothing over the top. However, in comparison to functionality, the more important feature, it falls behind.

Technically, the PlayMGM sports betting app is superb and high functioning. It has a fast load time, no glitches, and it’s easy to navigate. Most of all, every action you can perform on the desktop you can do on mobile.

Ease of Use

As stated over the course of this review, PlayMGM thrives on years of experience. In turn, that experience has had a major impact on their online platform, making it clearly designed and accessible to its players.

Upon logging in to your account, you’ll able to use several website options. It’s easy to navigate, deposit and withdraw money, and enter the lobby. The lobby is fabulous and accessible to novice PlayMGM sports betting players.

From the technical side of things, pages load swiftly, the buttons are clear, and it’s easy to place a bet. There are no major issues or glitches associated with the platform. Both the online and the mobile platforms have their own proprietary software.

playMGM sportsbook - ease of use

The betting options offered are fair to the players. There are constant new promos. Money transactions are fast. And account security and data protection are top notch. Overall, it’s an amazing gaming experience.

Payment and Deposit Methods

The platform offers several payment and deposit methods. There are no hidden fees for withdrawals or deposits. PlayMGM NJ sports betting is one of the few in out there that provides equal services for both payments and deposits. Available transfer options are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, and direct deposits at their casinos.

The usual wait time for money transactions lasts 12–72 hours. Aside from the wait time, there are no known issues with transactions. Actually, each of their methods come with additional safety guarantees in the form of secure codes. Still, they highly recommend direct deposits at their casinos as the safest transaction form.

Customer Support and Service

Certainly, PlayMGM takes all the necessary steps in ensuring quality customer service. The PlayMGM mobile sportsbook works with licensees, protects customer data, and makes the game fair. In that regard, they are steadfast about answering any questions you may have, and they have an awesome customer support.

As a part of such a legendary casino complex, its transition to online gaming required all the proper legislation. Therefore, MGM got DGE approved and obtained the required permits for work. Along with that, the platform has proprietary data encryption software. Simply put, it’s a must for such a huge business complex. Unlike their competitors in the market, they have to actively care for over thousands of customers. For the PlayMGM Sportsbook, protecting their data is a top priority.

Additionally, MGM has to ensure fairness. Their employees are forbidden from participating in gambling. Also, you can contact PlayMGM with any issues on their direct phone or email. They’re available 24/7 at all times. Make sure that you contact their sportsbook line, since there are several options.

playMGM sportsbook - customer support

Customer support and security together are one of the finer points of PlayMGM. If anything, you are totally safe with their services. Managing clients for decades has been their speciality, and you won’t be an exception.


Truly, PlayMGM Sportsbook is one of a kind. An installation of the already famous casino complex, this platform is here to give you an unparalleled online experience. With all its perks and features, the prediction that it will dominate the market shouldn’t surprise you.

In summary, it’s a platform for gamblers who love gambling for the long term. Get rewards, promos, bonuses, and prizes, and play knowing that you’re safe. Enjoy a fantastic mobile experience. If you try playing it at brick-and-mortar spot, it’ll be more than you bargained for, and you’ll understand what makes PlayMGM so great.


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