MGM Online Casino Review

MGM Online Casino Review

Perhaps best known for its world-renowned “brick and mortar” casinos, MGM launched an online counterpart last year. The tradition MGM carries with it is visible upon the first few clicks on its website, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

That’s why we will be doing an MGM online casino review that presents you with any advantages or problems when compared to other NJ online casinos. So, sit back, read carefully through all the points, wage your thoughts, and decide whether it’s worth paying a visit or not.

Game Variations
Bonuses and Promo Offers
Mobile Friendliness
Customer Support
Overall Impression

MGM Online Casino Pros and Cons

  • Strong tradition and reputation
  • Huge variety of games
  • A rich bonus program
  • Easy depositing
  • Exclusive franchises

  • A bad iOS app
  • Customer support
  • Outdated Flash graphics
  • Withdrawals through Neteller

The Beginnings of PlayMGM

The Play MGM online casino is a recognized brand of MGM Resorts, a multi-billion-dollar corporation that deals in hospitality and entertainment. The company has been around for quite a while, and you may recognize their more popular casinos like Bellagio, Aria, and Mirage.

MGM was launched as MGM Grand Inc. in 1987 by Kirk Kerkorian, one of the most influential figures in the history of the Las Vegas gambling industry. The online casino itself was launched in 2017, marking the company’s effort to take their place in the Garden State’s gambling scene.

Game Variations

The MGM online NJ casino boasts a huge variety of games to play. Its offerings consist of slots, table games, live-dealer games, variety games, virtual sports betting, and featured and exclusive games that you can only find on their website.

The slots category offers the widest assortment of playable games, reaching the magical number of 333 slot games, available to customers at any time. If you add the fact that 13 of them are jackpot slots, you get a great choice of slot games.

However, it’s not all roses; the exclusive slots section contains only one exclusive game: Wild-O-Tron 3000, though it’s stated that there are 13 of them! It’s a good thing you opened up this MGM online casino review before diving into the site, isn’t it?

The table games section is nothing short of impressive. In here you can find 25 table games, four of which come with a live dealer: American Blackjack, American Roulette, Baccarat Dragon, and Casino Hold ’Em. As for the rest of them, you can choose between craps and numerous variations of blackjack and poker.

The poker games have perhaps the biggest variety at MGM online NJ, since there are over ten from which to pick and seven dedicated online poker tournaments in which you can compete with other players.

mgm online casino review - game variations

Last but not least, there’s a virtual sports betting section, but it’s safe to say that it isn’t really the richest offer you can find. There are only five games: virtual cars, greyhounds, horses, motorcycles, and soccer.

Bonuses and Promo Offers

The bonus section is definitely one of Play MGM’s stronger points. After you’ve registered with the site and deposited a certain amount of money, you’re greeted with a $25 bonus called FREEPLAY, and the good thing is you don’t even need an MGM online casino bonus code to claim it. After your first deposit, upon visiting the Bonuses section on the My Account page, Play MGM will award you with another FREEPLAY bonus that matches your deposit and can go up to $1,000.

Most bonuses at Play MGM casino are based on an iReward system of points given to players with the highest scores and the most wins. The more you play and win, the morePlay MGM rewards you!

The FREEPLAY promotion makes it easy: upon registration, you are automatically opted in the promotion, and the more iReward points you win, the bigger FREEPLAY bonus you can achieve. As with the previous promotion, you don’t need an MGM online casino NJ bonus code to claim it, and it can go up to $10,000. Just log in and the bonus is pretty much yours.

In order to make your start of the week more bearable, PlayMGM also has introduced Cashback Mondays and Super Tuesdays. The former requires you to make a deposit on Monday, and on Tuesday you can receive a 25% deposit return that goes up to $100.

On Super Tuesdays (any Tuesday in August, basically), all you need to do is log in, enter this week’s MGM online bonus code, which is SPRA28, and a deposit will be matched with $50 in FREEPLAY with a bonus of up to $200 that you can use in any game you wish so.

mgm online casino review - bonuses

Finally, there’s a Tier Deposit Match that you can activate on any Thursday. This one is obviously aimed at rewarding loyal customers as you can get up to 200% of your deposit in FREEPLAY depending on your Tier position: the lowest one called Sapphire gets you $50 while the highest one, Noir, can earn you up to $100.

Mobile Friendliness

Apart from playing on the browser, the casino made an iOS and an Android MGM casino app, so you can take your favorite games with you anywhere. The apps are a must-have if you want to play games on-the-go, since you can’t start them on your mobile browser. Understandably, the apps have few games to activate—as is the case with most online casino apps out there on the market.

The good part is that you can deposit money and access the banking options through their app. The bad side is the assortment of games that you can play, as it comes nowhere near to the number of games offered in the browser. The Play MGM casino app for iOS is particularly problematic because glitches and crashes are pretty regular.

Ease of Use

Being a respected and experienced casino, MGM recognized the need for a well-built website. You won’t encounter many problems while on it, and the ones you will encounter are mostly the result of outdated flash animations and HTML scripts.

We found the site to be responsive and with short loading times, while we conducted our research for this MGM online casino review, so you won’t be waiting long between pages. As for the look and the feel, the website clearly tries to emulate the style of a physical casino, invoking the association of elegance, exclusivity, and security with its dark and red colors superimposed over a starry night background. A major flaw in the design is that you really have to look hard to find PlayMGM’s customer support button, email address, and phone number.

mgm online casino review - ease of use

Starting out is easy: just register, make your first deposit, and you’re on your way! If you want to access your account, simply go to the MGM online casino NJ login page and enter your account name and password, and the world of MGM games will open itself to you!

The games are sorted out into various categories based on the type of the game, the presence of a live dealer, whether it’s a table game or not, etc., so you can find your favorite games easily and quickly. The most interesting fact, however, is that you can actually download gambling software from the website if you’re not too keen on playing it in a browser.

At this point in our PlayMGM casino review, we have to mention one of MGM’s stronger points—that MGM’s online casino offers you an easy deposit method with their ACH/E-Check and bank transfer programs. All you need to do is enter your driver’s license, routing account number, and bank account number, and your deposits will essentially be done automatically. Withdrawing is a little bit trickier as they require you to have a Neteller account—and remember that Neteller takes a percentage out of any transfer.

Customer Support and Security

As stated in the previous section of our MGM online casino review, finding the customer service button can easily be compared to an archeological endeavor. And once you do find it, don’t expect high-quality service. Either they are too slow, the communication is poor, they can’t resolve your issue, or there’s no response at all.

Surely, if MGM wants to go on, the customer support needs a significant upgrade. In order for you to realize how bad it is, let us just say that it just may be the lowest point in this PlayMGM casino review.  Luckily for MGM and its customers, the rest of their security policies are up to date and watertight!

mgm online casino review - customer support

As can be expected from such a veteran in the industry, MGM online casino doesn’t play around with legal matters and your online security. It operates under strict guidelines set by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

All the software is tested by independent third-party contractors, and you’re guaranteed the security of your data, as well as the validity of your MGM casino promo codes. As for your funds, they’re segregated from your account, so an account breach doesn’t carry a deposit loss with it.

If you or someone you know starts expressing gambling addiction problems, MGM online casino has you covered. The MGM website proudly bears its Responsible Gaming Seal. There is a small survey sheet on their webpage that will help you determine if you have an issue.

Regardless of whether you have a problem or not, you’re free to suspend your account from three days to six months. Also, you can place a limit on your daily deposits, meaning the system caps your spending when you fall into the seductive heat of the game.

PlayMGM is a Good Choice Overall

Apart from the bad quality of the MGM online casino app for iOS, MGM pretty much has its stuff together. Indeed, being a major player in the industry with so many years of experience, it would be surprising that MGM didn’t put the effort into creating a decent internet platform. The assortment of games is commendable and the inclusion of virtual sports betting surely sets them apart from the competition in New Jersey’s online casino niche.

To give its players an optimal experience, PlayMGM must update the quality of its website and improve the iOS app. In the end, the decision is yours, and we hope this MGM online casino review will help you make the best one possible!


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